Why high school was not the best years of my life



When I started high school all I wanted was to fit in, so I tried to make as many “friends” as possible. I wanted to be popular(whatever that means), so I hung out with the “cool kids” in hopes to get myself noticed. I was so happy to be apart of this group I had so many more friends than I did before. Today I realize that those people were not all my friends because they did not treat me like a friend should. To be fair I am also at fault because I really only wanted to be their friends so I would finally be seen. This plan obviously did not work, because I ended up using these people to hide behind and just pretended to be invisible. One day I finally got sick of being known as just their friend and not being known as my “own” person.  I’m sure you have all heard the iconic saying, “High School is where you meet the friends you will keep forever” I would like to tell you straight up this is not true. I have learned a lot from high school, although I will probably forget what the powerhouse of the cell is. But I will always remember, how it feels to be surrounded by people yet utterly alone. I thought I needed a lot of friends, but I don’t, I need real friends even if that means just having a handful of friends. I don’t have a bunch of friends, but I love the few friends I have because they have supported me and loved me through everything. Don’t do what I did and waste your time on people that could care less about you, surround yourself with people that love YOU!!




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